Little Girl Stands On A Grave her Mom , Babies Are so Pure from Shaped iniquity which is why they see Beyond the Natural


Someone definitely was standing in front of her and gave her a kiss. Maybe the angel.how our babygirl touch so many ppl all over, this is amazing and beautiful!

Keyona Walker posted a touching video on her Facebook profile when she and her daughter Layona visited her sister’s grave.

At the scene she witnessed, Keyona recieved a shock, so she picked up her cellphone and began filming.

The girl began to speak in front of the tomb and it looked as if she was chatting with someone, even though there was no one besides the tomb except her mother. This one captured scenes of daughter Layona waving blank and talking to someone. The mother is convinced that the little girl spoke to the spirit of her late aunt.

Keyona Walker,Facebook

The video is already a sensation online, with many commenting that they believe the girl was actually chatting with her deceased aunt.

“We are not alone and there are higher powers,” one woman wrote, adding, “The kids can’t lie, and she certainly talked to her deceased aunt! It’s beautiful!”

Source: Klipland