Once You’re Done Watching This Video, You Will Never Look at Dogs the Same Way Again


Sometimes you look at an animal and wonder, “Why would God decide to create this?” You’ll agree one of the animals in this wonder-list is the dog. So you look at a dog and try to figure out their true purpose of creation. But have you ever stopped to think about what you could have wanted the “ideal” dog to look and behave like? This video will show you something really inspiring!

So here’s a clip that attempts to explain why God decided to create the dog in the first place. Turns out, you, the mankind, are the reason there are dogs on this planet. How good is that? It’s just amazing!

In the video, you listen to a narration of how man ended up influencing the creation of the dog, and it seems that, by all accounts, we got just what we wished for – A faithful, cute, friendly and extremely playful creature that serves to make man’s days much more fun. That’s obviously the nicest thing!

It may look fictional, but you’ll agree that it’s almost true. So go ahead and check out this cool clip right here, and you’ll be in much deeper love with canines than you ever imagined. Awesome!