Rescuers Are In TEARS When They Find This New Mom, But When They See The Puppies


People who train dogs to fight make me so angry, but there’s a special place reserved you know where for a person who brings a dog into this world for this sole purpose.

We owe so much to the amazing heroes of Humane Society of the United States. They’ve paved the way for so many rescue organizations and inspired countless independent rescuers, thanks to videos like this incredible raid of a Texas horse ranch…if you can even call the wasteland they were living in that.

They’ve done some pretty amazing things to help put an end to the dog fighting ring epidemic, as you can see from this sweet pit bull’s carefully executed rescue. The thing about going into an animal rescue mission is that you really never know what – or who – you’re going to find.

While you may think that finding vicious attack dogs or roosters would be the most frightening thing a rescuer would encounter on one of their dog or cockfighting stings, this video proves that people are the real monsters.

In the following video, we see the HSUS angels arrive at a Marlboro County, SC farm where they expected to rescue mainly game fowl for the purposes of cockfighting. You can image the horror on their faces when they found an emaciated dog and her 10 newborn puppies thriving to survive in the ugliest of conditions.

I’m so grateful these heroes arrive just in time. Their life before broke my heart, but this rescue put such joy in my heart. I hope you’ll feel the same way.

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