Bulldog Puppies Love Going Down Their Slide


CAUTION: Watching this video may encourage you to abandon everything you are currently doing to go and adopt a bulldog puppy.

Truth is, if you are a dog lover, then just about any cute puppy might make you want to turn your house into a puppy day care.

Is really is hard to resist puppies. They look like tiny little balls of fluff and their little puppy howls and barks always make us smile.

The best thing about puppies is that they always want to play. Everything is a new experience to them, so they let their noses guide them, sometimes finding themselves into a little trouble like the dog that had to be rescued from a sinkhole.

But most of the time, their noses lead them to circumstances that are just too cute to not laugh at, like when some teensy little puppies were given their very own pool.

For the incredibly cute bulldog puppies in this video, their noses couldn’t have led them to a more fun and adorable situation. They may start out a little scared, but by the time this video is over, these pups are sliding’ pros!