Man Talks To Baby Goat And Their Argument Is Too Funny


A few weeks ago, I received a message from a nearby neighbor who had a question for me. Rather than call him back, I decided just to walk over to his house so we could have the conversation in person.

You see, we live in a very rural area and getting a good cell phone connection involves perfect weather, planet alignment, and some very interesting gymnastics to get in the right position to hold a call. Even then, it’s likely that the call will drop at some point. Most of my friends know that they should “schedule” a phone call with me ahead of time or just text to make thing easier. However you look at it, it takes longer to have a conversation on the phone than it does to just walk to my neighbor’s house.

When I wandered up to their backyard where my neighbor and his wife were outside working, I realized that I had arrived at exactly the right time. They were feeding their goats! Now, this may not sound exciting to everyone but I absolutely love goats! Because my neighbors breed them, there are several adorable baby goats hopping around.

As I approached my neighbor I tried to keep my cool and remember why I was there, but as we talked my eyes kept drifting to the goats. Finally, he asked if I would like to go and see them. Of course, I did!

He opened the gate and let me into one of the pens where a couple of mama goats and their babies munched happily on hay. The babies hopped around, playing on the toys available. Because they are well taken care of and handled regularly, they were happy to have me pet them and play with them. I picked up a tiny white goat, about the size of my small terrier, who let me hold it, snuggle it, and take some of the most adorable baby goat selfies to ever grace social media.

What’s the point of this story, you ask? It’s simply that baby goats are absolutely adorable. Keeping with that theme, here’s a video of another impossibly cute baby goat having a hilarious “argument” with his visitor. To truly understand just how cute baby goats really are, you have to see them for yourself. If your neighbor doesn’t happen to have baby goats you can cuddle, then this video is the next best thing!

Source: Metaspoon