Man Travels 1,100 Miles To Adopt Stray Dog He Met On A Road Trip


Many admire traveling because it allows them to gain new knowledge and experiences they may not be able to gain without exploring the world first-hand. For instance, someone might not truly understand the extent of the hardships rural African American communities deal with until they visit and interact with one in person. Likewise, someone may be unaware of what it truly means to be grateful and selfless until they experience what little some countries may have compared to their own.

Although traveling can certainly change one dramatically as they open their eyes to something completely different from what they’re used to, sometimes it’s the little surprises and ordinary experiences that leave the biggest mark on us.

Speaking of little surprises, Portland, Maine resident Matthew Glatz came across one while on his winter cross-country road trip to visit Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah when he spotted a stray dog while hiking in Poudre Canyon in Northern Colorado.

“I got about 200 [or] 300 yards up a trailhead and found a dog,” Matthew explains.

The dog was starving and frightened, so Matthew decided to bring the canine to Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where vets referred the stray to the Larimer Humane Society.

“She had a non-healing wound on her face, and we found porcupine quills in there,” veterinarian Margaret explains. “We then found out that she had heartworm disease, and we treated her for one month with an antibiotic.”

As the dog, who they named Amelia, was being treated for her potentially fatal disease, the vet attempted to get in touch with her owner thanks to the dog’s microchip. Unfortunately, the owner had apparently moved, so they were unable to get her back to her original home.

But fortunately for Amelia, she would have a new forever home waiting for her after she completed her initial treatments.

“I knew they’d call me when she was ready, and when she was ready, I’d make the drive,” said Matthew.

Still on the road trip, Matthew got the call from Loveland, Colorado while he was in California. But he stuck to his word and traveled the distance – all 1,100 miles–to reunite with precious Amelia.

“We’re about to start an adventure together,” says Amelia’s new owner who has plans to continue his road trip with his new canine through Texas, Louisiana, and back home to Maine.

“It’s gonna be a long and lovely friendship, I think.”

While it’s clear Amelia has found a great home, the pup will still require future heartworm treatments. Matthew’s friend set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for Amelia’s treatments. While the canine will need further medical attention to become her healthiest self, we know Amelia is in the best hands.

To think if Matthew never went on that road trip, Amelia would have never entered his life, and truthfully, the canine may have died without medical treatment. Sounds like fate!

Source: metaspoon