Only 1 In 5 People Can Find The Error In This Picture: Can You Do It?


Something I can not get enough of is brain teasers. Puzzles in a picture and observation challenges were a part of me since I was a kid and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing them. It’s a great form of relaxation, and it’s something fun that is actually really good for the brain.

Every time my children come to visit, I try to share it with them. It can be anything from cool illusions to funny riddles or even tricky math problems.

Now, today’s youth prefer to sit staring at their “smart”-phones no matter the cost, but from time to time, I manage to get them involved! It’s hard to resist when everyone is looking at the same thing.

In a world where technology does everything for us, I think it’s useful to keep the brain active with different kinds of challenges.

I found this image while surfing online earlier today. It’s actually really good and I had to think a long time before I came up with the correct answer. I found it on the site didyouknowpage.com and apparently only 1 out of 5, that’s 20 percent, gets it right on the first try!

Something is wrong in the picture

It is a picture of a small home in the countryside. In the background, there are hills and meadows, while at the house you will see a gate, a stone wall, and several trees. But something is very wrong in the picture – and your task is to find out what!

So take a minute now. You can start without clues!

What’s wrong with this image?

Remember, only 1 in 5 gets it right, so this is actually quite hard.

If you want a clue, I can tell you that it is worth taking a peek near the chimney and on one of the tallest trees.

If that did not help, we’ll reveal the answer below!

The correct answer is that the wind seems to blow strongly from two different directions in the picture. The smoke from the chimney blows to the right, while the tallest tree gets blown to the left. That’s impossible!

An extra challenge
But you know what? I think we’re doing an extra puzzle!

Can you see what’s wrong with this image of a moon landing?

Were you able to?

Do not give yourself a hard time if you didn’t find the answer. Try once again before scrolling down.

Here comes the solution!

As you know, there is only one moon that mankind can get to. That’s why it’s wrong that from the moon you can see another one. Two moons are just too many, simple but clever.

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