Selfless Momma Cat Accepts Newborn Puppy Into Her Litter Of Kittens


Although some people say that you never feel for other children the way you do for the children that you birth yourself, it doesn’t take similar DNA sequences to love a child like your own. Likewise, the best parents for a child aren’t always the ones that helped create them and bring them into the world.

When it comes to animals, the same applies. There are instances where an animal may be mentally or physically unable to care for their own offspring. Therefore, sometimes it is best for humans to care for these animals’ babies on their own if the mother is not capable, for instance, if she is sick, injured, struggling with breastfeeding, intentionally or unintentionally endangering her babies, or unable to grasp her maternal instincts.

To our surprise, there are also cases where animals take in other animals’ babies, some even of different species, regardless of the differences and challenges that this may present. At first, we may be hesitant to introduce an unrelated baby to the litter of another animal for fear they will attack it or reject it, however, for one momma kitty in a gone-viral video, we discover this is not the case!

In the video that has earned over 11,000,000 views to date, a young lady is holding a teeny tiny brown-and-white puppy in a towel. She walks over to a box where her cat is caring for her own newborns to see how she will react to the mystery baby. Will she ignore it? Will she claim it as her own?

At first, the momma cat appears confused but nevertheless curious as she sniffs the tiny pup. “What is that?” I imagine her thinking. As she stands up, the man behind the camera instructs the girl to put the puppy in the box. “She wants it,” he tells her.

Instantly after placing the puppy in the box, the mom seems completely cool with him joining the pile of kitties before she gets cozy to let them all breastfeed.

Not only is seeing the mother cat accept the puppy into her batch of kittens adorable, but the fact that she allows a canine to nestle with her tiny babies is also incredibly sweet considering the feud the often takes place with dogs and cats as they get older.

Source: Metaspoon