Five Year Old Street Kid Experiences a Trip to McDonalds for the First Time


We all have a tendency to live within the vacuum of our own little world. It is easy to become consumed with the vicissitudes of life as they storm into our paradise; however, after watching this video, you will have a new appreciation of life and your current position.

This video shows a five year old kid who lives on the street. He was standing outside of a McDonald’s looking through trash cans for food.

A man who sees him invites him to come into McDonald’s, and he asks the kid if he is hungry. The kid begins to explain the dynamics of feeding his family.

This little five year old child is on the street selling pens so that his family can eat. At five years old, he is already aware of the cost of supporting his family, and he has assumed the responsibility.

This means that he is not only dealing with his own hunger, but he is struggling with the burden of trying to figure out how to feed his family. Please share this on Facebook.