Mom’s Having A Conversation Until Dog Interrupts With Head-Turning Response


If you’re a parent or have a friend with small kids, than you probably know what it’s like to be constantly interrupted. Just as you think it’s the perfect time for “adult talk” that’s usually when the little sweet pea lets their voice be heard. And who can blame them – what’s fun about having to sit quietly? Well, this doesn’t just happen with kids. For one dog mom, she realized her pooch Walter just couldn’t stand being left out of the conversation.

As we know, dogs are very lovable creatures that can quickly become part of the family. This is probably why they often act like little children, too! According to Walter’s owner, “Walter loves to talk back. If he’s not pleased with a situation, he’ll let you hear it.” On this day in particular he saw his mom chatting with her friend outside of their car. Apparently, he wasn’t very happy about it, so decided to do some interrupting while sitting in the front seat. But it’s the comical way he does it that’s throwing people for a loop!

Walter doesn’t just bark at mom like most other pooches would. In fact, he doesn’t even whimper and whine. Nope, Walter actually has a very unique voice that can fill a room – and believe it or not, he actually sounds like an opera singer! He literally throws his head back and belts out sounds that you would never expect to come from a dog. Press play on the video below to experience his amazing talent for yourself. It’s no wonder it’s gone viral!