Kitten is drinking milk from the bottle — But just LISTEN to the sound he makes


We’re used to witnessing lots of cute stuff from pets, but sometimes something pops up and takes the cake. Sometimes it comes from the most unexpected part of a pet’s routine, something you wouldn’t even think of. Well, let’s just agree that when something like that finds its way into the open, it’s always the cutest thing ever. This video will prove that!

In the video, you see this cute little kitty that’s on the received end of mom’s infinite love. The human loves her cute small being so much that she has decided to let the kitty feed from a bottle. As he gets the milk, he gets something else going on, and it’s going to steal your whole heart. In fact, this video is now breaking the internet because of this. You need this!

Watch the kitty gets his milk and rewards us with some cute sounds that make the whole “event” a lot more fun.