Toddler Has Adorable Reaction After Seeing Parents For First Time With Glasses


The older we are, the worse is our eyesight. This claim applies to healthy people, but everyone does not have such “luck”. We can experience visual impairment at birth, and this problem has also faced a pretty girl in a video below.

She never really saw her parents, as her vision was always blurred.

The cute little girl Everly was born with a congenital cataract on both eyes, resulting into very bad eyesight. Even the glasses could not helped her, so she had to undergo four operations.

Luckily, the operations ended well, and Everly sees clearly with the help of special glasses today!

Her proud parents captured a taouching scene on the mobile phone shortly after the operation, when they placed the special glasses on the girl’s face. With new glasses, she saw her parents for the first time in a perfect image, and her reaction quickly circled the world.

Look at the wonderful moment when the girl with the help of glasses clearly sees her parents for the first time!

Source: klipland