Jealous Pooch Throws Tantrum When He Sees New Pup In The House


If you have more than one puppy at home, then you know for yourself that there is often a real rivalry for the attention.

There was nothing else in the video that circled the web in those days. We can see the scene when the older puppy got a new friend.

Owners bought another puppy, but an adult Great Dane was not impressed with the acquisition. The big dog quickly showed his jealousy, and at the end of the video, he made a big laugh with his move.

When the owner placed the puppy to the ground, the older dog quickly approached her, and there he demanded her attention.

Since the Great Dane is unaware that he is no longer a puppy, he wanted the same from the owner as she did with the puppy. He wanted her pampering and pestering, but it did not take place like dog imagined…