Man Surprises Daughter With Impromptu Performance Of ‘Ave Maria’ In Disney World


In these days, a video landed on the web in which Justin Gigliello, the father of a little girl, showed his singing talent.

Together, they visited the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, where there was a pianist playing music in one place. Justin was determined to make a surprise for his daughter!

In the video, you can first see a scene when Justin and his daughter are approaching a pianist. There, a little girl asked the pianist if he could play the melody of the opera song “Ave Maria” so she could hear her father’s singing.

Justin quickly collected courage for his little daughter and then sang the same song when the pianist performed his work on the piano.

Within a week, his video was seen by thousands of people around the world, and his performance definitely made a big day for his little daughter. Listen to how Justin sang the song “Ave Maria” for his daughter!

Source: klipland