The groom Forgets the Wedding Ring And Makes Everyone Laugh


Several years ago, a video appeared on the Internet in which the groom Stuart Cattell plays his bride and gathers guests to the wedding.

His best man forgot about the wedding rings in front of the altar, causing the groom to leave the bride at the altar.

In fact, the best man hasn’t forgotten about his rings, the groom’s trick he played for many wedding guests, especially his beloved bride. Since there was no wedding ring, she left the church and showed the guests on the screen a video of the groom’s adventures.

Stuart Kettell.Youtube

He filmed the video before the wedding, but filmed it so that the guests would think that this is happening right now.

Finally, the groom with the ring received a lot of applause at the wedding, and his video has been watched by nearly 3 million people on YouTube alone to date. See how he played for the bride and all the wedding guests.