Smart Kid Fools Police Officer During The Chase, Footage Is Going Viral


Children’s wisdom simply has no limits. This is also proved by a video clip that was created in the United States these days.

The surveillance camera shot a scene at one of the houses when the boy was running away from the police officer. He hid in the trash, and with his move he fooled the policeman!

Zach Pierce shared a video yesterday from his surveillance camera when a boy found a hideout in his trash. He was running away from the police officer, when he fooled him with a sophisticated move. He hid himself straight into the trash can!

Even if the policeman walked right past the boy, he did not find him!

The boy waited for half an hour inside the garbage bin, and the owner attributed to the video that diapers and cat litter were in the trash. Anyway, the boy managed to escape from the police!

Source: klipland