Brave Mom Begs Strangers To Save Her Puppy


Hera may be the most timid mother dog ever to get lost asking for help. These three puppies are lucky that their mother is so brave.

They were worried when they learned of a ferocious dog in Mladenovac, Serbia, trying to get out of a dog shelter. In the middle of winter it was snowing and frosty, it seemed that the dog was approaching everyone who passed by.

So they went there and found the dog that they had heard of. This girl was shivering, but she did not stop to return to the sewers. When we looked inside … we found three little puppies inside!

They named the dog’s mother Baatar. When he got used to people, the puppies got scared and did not come to the rescue. They had to come up with a very clever way to save the puppies without harming them.

Finally, just before dark, they were able to get the puppies out of their throats without hurting them. The team brings moms and babies together, and the gratitude in her huge eyes is worth it!

The dog shelter will take Hera and her puppies to the right place, where they will be warm and comfortable. Many thanks to this mom and her puppies for taking care of these loyal people!