Kid Wants An Ice Cream, Dealer’s Response Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter


While visiting foreign countries as tourists, we are constantly witnessing the attractions and fools of the locals, which we do not know in our hometowns.

Such a surprise was also witnessed by a young family when they visited beautiful Turkey.

There they wanted to buy ice cream on one of the streets, and the ingenious ice cream dealer pranked a little boy in a slightly witty way. The ice cream was served on a stick, but for some time the ice cream dealer prevented the boy from getting a well-deserved ice cream, while passers-by tourists could only laugh at the scene.

Luckily, the little boy who understood his wrath was laughing at first, but then he was slowly losing his patience.

At that moment, Mum ordered the ice cream dealer to let the kid have an ice cream, and the video clip became a real hit on the web. In just over half a year, it has accumulated an incredible 18 million views!

Will the ice cream dealer from Turkey bring a smile on your face too?

Source: klipland