Cockatoo Removes Bird Deterrent Spikes From Ledge In Australia


These days, the web quickly was circled by the video clip taken on cameras in Katoomba, east of Australia.

We can see a runaway cockatoo in it, who immediately became a bird hero with its very special action!

A number of high shelves are covered with spikes that prevent birds from landing. Many homeowners opt for such moves, otherwise they will quickly see dirt and excrements left behind by birds.

The escaped cockatoo had it enough this time so it took the right into its hands … Well, actually into its beak!

On one of the high shelves it began to remove the bird deterrent spikes that prevented the other birds from landing. It’s move will certainly be well received among the other birds, and we can only smile from the heart at the scene in the video!

Source: klipland