Dog Was Adopted 4 Yers Ago. Now Watch As a Familiar Face Walks through the Door


Reunions are exciting.

Four years ago, a couple adopted a lovely Beagle-Labrador mix. The dog was part of a litter named “The Adams Family”.

The other puppies in the brood found loving homes outside the animal shelter too.

The couple renamed the adopted puppy to Samo. She has grown up to be a lovely dog and her owners adore her. The couple has celebrated every milestone their dog has made.

On March 6th 2016, the ‘Adam Family” dog owners organized a reunion for Samo and her siblings. The couple got in touch with the others dog owners and agreed to meet at Happy Paws in New York City. They shared stories about their likes, dislikes, similarities, and health histories of their dogs.

Some of the dogs love swimming and others loathe water. Also, they have eaten strange things such as paint and raw bacon at some point.

The dog siblings and owners finally met. The interaction was emotional and it is easy to believe the dogs are family.

Watch the amazing reunion below and let us what you think.