Penguin Chicks Attacked By Giant Petrel Get Saved By Unlikely Hero


Emperor penguins are considered the largest species of penguins, and they live on Antarctic coasts. They reach up to 122 centimeters in height and weigh between 22 and 45 kilograms.

And although they are the largest among the penguins, they have many natural enemies.

One of the enemies is also the giant petrel bird that sees a delicious lunch in emperor penguins. The BBC team posted a video on the internet these days, when a group of emperor penguins met this dangerous bird.

They squeezed themselves into a special formation to protect themselves, and soon after that, a special little hero saved their day. The adelie penguin, which is much smaller than the imperial penguins, just came by. It is also much more dangerous because it is considered a very aggressive specie.

Against the small adelie penguin, the hungry bird had no choice but to go to another location to look for the food. Take a look at the scenes recorded on the camera by BBC team!

Source: klipland