Cat Just Doesn’t Want to Be Bathed – Her Clear and Loud Message Has The Internet in Disbelief


Unless you’ve been living under a rock and never had a pet, then you’ll know just how much most cats hate water. Cats are generally hydrophobic. They don’t like it when their fur gets drenched in water, especially cold water. Sometimes, trying to bathe a cat can turn into an invitation to a scratching and scathing session. Those little animals don’t go down without a fight!

But what if you had a cat that could protest vocally? Well, this lady happens to own one, and the little soul has just one word to say about these incessant bathing sessions: “NO!” Now this is getting both hilarious and stunning!

In the clip, you watch as the lady holds the cute being in her arms, ready to start the “watering process.” However, the feline knows what’s about to happen, and he seems to have rehearsed on how to display his disaffection to the perceived harassment. The moment he starts protesting, you’ll want to join him!