Woman Creates Beautiful Gown For Ball Only When She Spins Her Transformation Makes Others Gasp


For many of us, wearing a beautiful gown to a ball sounds like a fantasy that would only take place in a fairytale. But one woman named Ivy Thompson actually made this dream become a reality. After learning of a masquerade ball that was set to take place in Seattle, she decided to create the ultimate gown. However, there was an extra special element to this dress that would make guests’ mouths drop.

Ivy hadn’t of had any professional training in sewing when she created her special design, although she grew up with a mom and grandma who liked to sew. Her inspiration for the dress very fittingly came from Disney, and it was when she went to see a performance of the classic story Cinderella. She decided to create a gown that would actually transform into a butterfly all with just a few quick moments. Ivy had a lot of work to do that’s for sure!

By incorporating a snap panel and some laces into her dress, Ivy was able to bring her concept to life. With the pull of a cord Ivy’s able to make her silvery dress become a gorgeous butterfly – but since she spins while she does it, the transformation is absolutely magical. Watch the video below to see Ivy’s gown morph before your eyes (and also to learn more about how it works). It’s a masterpiece straight out of a storybook that might have you wanting your own!