Houston Residents Defy The Storm and Stay Behind to Save Stranded Cats From Flood Waters


We all know the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in the U.S. The ferocious hurricane has left thousands of people homeless. The pets have not been spared either. Properties worth millions have been lost, thanks to the floods.

Fortunately, Good Samaritans stepped in to assist the emergency crews to save the stranded humans and pets in flooded areas. We wish to appreciate the efforts of first responders and strangers who have been part of the rescue process too.

On 28th August, rescuers saved six cats that were found stranded and taken to a shelter. The Texas residents stepped in to help the furry animals and humans alike.

The six felines are safe, sound, and warm. We hope they will be reunited with their owners soon.

We wish to applaud the rescuers for the selfless act.

Watch the amazing footage below to see what unfolded. Let us what you think in the comments section below.

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