14 year old dies in her sleep: When cause of death is revealed, my heart breaks


Smart phones have really changed the world. Before, we could only use our phones to call and text people. Now our whole lives are on our phones.

It’s a map, calendar, diary and camera. Everything is in the small handset. It’s no wonder that it has almost taken over our lives – and leaving it at home for a day is almost unthinkable.

Our mobile phones are the first things we pick up when we wake up and the last thing we put down when we go to sleep.

This story revolves around a young girl who did just that. She would often plug in her phone to charge just before she went to bed, and would have it next to her while she slept.

One morning, when 14 year old Le Thi Xoan’s mom called up to her daughter, she didn’t receive an answer. She called to her daughter several times, with no reply. When she went to her daughter’s room to wake her up, she found the girl unconscious.

Her parents drove her straight to the emergency room, but on arrival the doctors confirmed that it was already too late – their daughter was dead.

The parents were overcome with grief, and just couldn’t understand what had happened. The night before she had felt fine.

When they discovered the cause of death, they were shocked.