Lady Finds Her Pet Deer After 2 Years Being Apart, Their Reunion Is Touching


Diggin Britt is a big animal lover, as she also takes care of many different species on her estate. Years ago, a deer came to her estate, with which Diggin quickly became an inseparable friend.

She named the deer Albert, but two years ago she did not see him anymore…

Diggin Britt, Youtube

Because she thought that her deer was hit by a car, she stopped all this time in the events of traffic accidents involving animals, but Albert was never found there. She searched every corner around her home, but unfortunately, she didn’t find her deer…

In those days, she got the most beautiful gift you can imagine. By the road, she noticed a deer, stopped her vehicle, and called the deer with “Albert” again.

Albert, who did not forget his loving owner, was really in front of her! He also showed his loyalty and happiness to his owner, and the video of their reunion will surely give you a warm heart.