Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff With Fake Wax Figure


From the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, hosted by presenter Jimmy Kimmel, comes a funny video where laughter is not missing.

Next to the co-workers, Jimmy Kimmel pretended to be a wax doll and the video clip is already a real success on the web.

In less than a day, the video has already garnered over 7.9 million views, and the laughter is truly not lacking. Jimmy Kimmel pretended this time to be a wax doll of his own image, and then scared many of his co-workers.

Many also laughed at the scenes online, where a video of a “vicious” prank is a real hit.

See how American presenter Jimmy Kimmel scared many of his co-workers while pretending to be a wax doll!

Source: ABC , KlipLand