Brilliant Horse Helps Revive His Stablemate


When stable owner Jane Lipington discovered one of her horses named Beatrice was on the ground writhing in pain, she knew she had to act fast. Jane and her husband, Donald MacIntyre, worked for hours to try to pry Beatrice off the floor and get her into treatment.

However, despite their best efforts, Beatrice was too heavy and too injured to get up. That’s when decided on a timeline until she would have to put down and phoned the vet to give them the bad news.

Jane and Donald had no idea that Beatrice’s stablemate would be the one to save the day.

With just 20 minutes until Beatrice’s time was up, Jane suddenly remembered the mare’s stablemate, Beau, needed to be let outside. Jane opened the stall door and shifted her focus back to Beatrice’s dire situation.

However, Beau didn’t run outside to graze. Instead, he leaned over above Beatrice and started to bite her neck. These chomps weren’t out of malice or anger! He was doing his best to motivate Beatrice to get off the ground and stabilize herself!

He continued to bite her neck and lift her head up with his mouth for several minutes. Then something amazing happened…
Thanks to Beau’s determination, Beatrice got up by herself and the stable staff was able to treat her immediately. Beatrice has since made a full recovery, and everyone knows that it’s all because of Beau’s quick thinking.

Jane told The Telegraph that Beau is the real hero in this story:

“It is absolutely astonishing. We were prepared to lose her and had arranged for her to be put down but Beau knew what to do.

As we were walking her, we phoned to cancel her being put down. It was that close. Our vet was astounded. We are used to seeing extraordinary interactions between the horses but we have never witnessed a horse saving another’s life.

Beau achieved what six hours of human endeavor with straps and machinery had failed to – he managed to lift Beatrice up off the floor which has allowed her to live on.”
Without Beau’s persistence and love for Beatrice, she very well may have been put down. Now they get to spend the rest of their days together!
Watch Beau’s incredible rescue mission by pressing “play” on the video below. Thank goodness he was there to help!