Woman Discovers Vet Husband In Tears, He Reveals What He’s Holding


Most soldiers stationed abroad go through things the rest of us couldn’t possibly imagine.

Not only are they apart from their nearest and dearest in an unfamiliar country, putting their lives on the line, but they do it for our safety.

Sadly, their sacrifices are often taken for granted. Even those who come back with PTSD or disabled often don’t get the mental or medical support they need.

That’s why this particular story is so great.

Christopher Garrett is an Army Specialist and husband to Brittany. When he came back from Afghanistan, he’d sustained a crippling injury that left him unable to do lots of things the rest of us take as given.

As Brittany shares: “He was shot through the lower abdomen, and the bullet exited his right butt cheek.”

Garret had served as a US Army combat engineer overseas. While working with the 10thMountain Division in the Middle East, Garrett’s unit came under attack, which is when he received the injury.

His pelvis fractured into pieces and the engineer was taken to hospital. Fortunately, medics saved his life, but he was left disabled and needed to leave his job.

Garrett was hoping to return back to his regular family life.

He quickly realized that his injuries meant that wasn’t possible.

His injuries and mental scars meant he couldn’t adjust easily.

Small tasks like cutting the grass became incredibly hard.

Yet, Garrett wasn’t going to let himself be held back by his injuries.

While he had an ancient lawnmower to work with, he’d push it across the garden himself.

He was doing his utmost, but Brittany found it tough to witness.

She wrote on Facebook about it, and one event in particular. In the post, she recalled how she’d gone to their door to discover Garrett standing outside, full of emotion, holding the couple’s son.

She thought he’d broken down and rushed to her partner. Initially, she feared the worst—that somebody had passed away. But Garrett quickly reassured Brittany this wasn’t what happened.

On reaching their garden, she saw what was making Garrett cry. He showed her what he was holding—a set of keys.

She looked over at the lawn to see a spanking new driveable lawnmower.

The present had come with a letter, which said:

“I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and for my freedom. Sincerely, a grateful American.”

Brittany wrote about the incredible present they’d received: “Where do I begin? Something AMAZING happened today! As I was getting ready for my day, my husband appeared at the door with tears in his eyes holding our son. My heart sank and I thought someone we love took a trip to Heaven,”

While Garrett had zero ideas where the mower came from, someone in the neighborhood had clearly seen him battling to mow the lawn.

His struggle hadn’t been overlooked by some generous soul who felt all that the former Army man had done for his country.

It’s impossible to know whether that mystery person knows just what a difference their actions meant to the pair—it’s made a huge positive impact.

Garrett still needs to undergo a lot of rehab, but one person’s kind actions made things just that little bit less difficult. Like and share if you agree!