78-Year-Old Gran Sings “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” & “South Of The Border,”


Whenever someone says grandma, you immediately get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, right? You think of all the good times you’ve spent together and how much she has always loved and pampered you. If you’re a grandma yourself, then you know exactly how it feels to be loved and showered with hugs and kisses by your grandchildren, too!

We usually associate grandma’s house with cookies, and a whole lot of other food, and time well-spent doing absolutely nothing—more like just staying in and spending hours and hours talking to one another. I don’t see a better time than that!

But, if there’s someone who has more than edible treats for her family when they come to visit, then it has to be Sylvia Jeneanne. Sylvia is 78-years-old, and she has a passion for singing. But, she not only has the passion, but she’s also gifted with a beautiful voice that sounds like it’s been under training for years! However, she is self-taught. Incredible!

The grandmother has her own YouTube channel called “Sylvia Jeneanne GrandmaSings,” and it’s full of amazing renditions she’s practiced and the recorded for her audience’s pleasure. It’s needless to say that she’s been getting great reviews on her voice—that’s also why she probably continued recording and posting videos!

People love the way her voice sounds and her song selection is nostalgic and classic. In the video shared below, you’ll hear Sylvia singing her versions of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” and “South Of The Border.”