Man Honors Fallen Soldiers By Lining Up Thousands Of Flags


Larry Eckhardt drove 11 hours and over 600 miles for a man he never met because for him there is nothing more important than honoring a fallen soldier. Larry is known throughout the country as the “flag man.” He travels across the country with thousands of American flags and when he arrives at his destination he lines the fallen soldier’s procession route with flags.

On this particular occasion, he places 2200 flags along an 8-mile route in honor of Private First Class Dustin Gross, who lost his life in Afghanistan.

Larry’s been traveling and planting the flags for over six years and has even gone into debt doing it. But he says he would not change a thing, he feels that strongly about what he is doing. He says what the soldiers have given is a sacrifice he cannot ignore. He also has seen what the line of flags brings out in people, noting that they give communities a rallying point by which they can pay their respects.

Dustin’s parents were stunned by the incredible gift.