Her 1st Marriage Ends In Bitter Divorce Then 4 Yrs Later She Walks Down Aisle Towards Ex Husband


Jeff and Lorrie Agan had carved out a life together that spanned 25 years. They raised eight children and created a warm and loving home for their family. But then, things quickly went south. Jeff’s alcoholism and Lorrie’s battle with depression turned their home into an angst-filled shell of a house. One of the kids testified that “The tension in the house – you could cut it like a knife.” The kids sadly thought everything was their fault, too.

Lorrie and Jeff decided to file for divorce and it was an ugly, bitter process. She decided that while she could not change the outcome, she could work on herself. So Lorrie sought counseling and help for her depression, and struggled to build up her self-esteem. Across town, Jeff was working on bettering himself and enrolled in a rehab program. Eventually, the two exes were able to tolerate each other enough that they could be in the same room together. They didn’t need two separate birthday parties and two separate Christmases any longer. Progress!
Jeff had shown Lorrie that all was forgiven after surprising her with a special present at Christmas. Now new and improved, Jeff and Lorrie could move on from the past that brought them down. Finally, Lorrie found love again. She declared hew new beau as her soulmate and the love of her life. She called it “a miracle.” “This doesn’t happen every day that people get a second chance at love.” All eight kids were delighted to be on hand at Lorrie’s wedding. Even Jeff made an appearance. See who finally filled that void in Lorrie’s life and gave her hope and a fresh start. You’ll be quite surprised.