92-Year-Old Mom Adopts The Woman Who’s Been Her ‘Daughter’ For 6 Decades


It’s an adoption 60 years in the making, and it will fill your heart with joy.

At age 92, Muriel Clayton is a mother again. She recently adopted the woman who’s been her “daughter” for more than six decades.

Mary Smith, now 76, grew up knowing Muriel as her fun older cousin. But after Mary’s dad passed away and her mom got sick, Muriel brought Mary into her own family and raised her like a daughter.

Over the next 60 years, Muriel dreamed of the day she could officially make Mary her daughter in a legal sense. She didn’t feel right about doing it until Mary’s biological mother passed away.

Muriel recalls the day before this past Mother’s Day. “I said, ‘I have been thinking about adopting you, what do you think about that?’ And her little face just lit up!”

And finally, this week, Mary and Muriel joined each other at the Dallas County Court where a judge formally pronounced them mother and daughter.

“I have worked jigsaw puzzles, and my life had been a beautiful picture. But one piece was missing, and that was Mary,” she said. “And now I’ve got that piece in place. Officially!”

Just goes to show, you’re never too old to make your dreams come true. Watch the heartwarming moment below, and please SHARE this incredible story with your friends on Facebook!