Stray Kitten Prayed for Someone to Show Up For Him. Man Answers His Prayers and Decides to Stay


As if putting up with the hard life in a Kenyan slum wasn’t enough, this innocent little feline was also lonely. She had been abandoned in the dirty alleys and dangerous ditches to survive alone. However, this cat wasn’t one of the usual scared kitties that jump over fences whenever a human shows up near them. This one was different. She was looking for a human friend, someone to save her from this misery and give her a better life, so when she ran into a friendly man, she grabbed the opportunity!

The cat followed the guy to his house and was very eager to usher herself in and occupy the bed. That’s after getting some nice food and sweet petting. You see, there isn’t that much of accessible cat food out in Kenya, so the guy had to improvise. He managed to get the cat to eat something nice. Four years later? This is awesome!