Sanitation Worker Helps Elderly Woman Every Week With Her Trash Can


These days, the Web is surrounded by a beautiful scene captured by a surveillance camera. The 88-year-old grandmother Opal Zucca suffered a fall in January infront of sanitation worker, which fortunately did not hurt her.

What the sanitation worker does at her home every week now has moved many viewers to tears!

The garbage collector who works in her area takes her garbage can in front of the house each time, and he always has a brief conversation with Opal. This was also the case when his beautiful gesture was captured by a surveillance camera!

When the video was viewed by the daughters of 88-year-old grandmother Opal, they were immediately determined that the act of sanitation worker must be viewed by the entire world. That’s why they uploaded the video online.

Every week for the past 10 months, the sanitation worker in the video has helped Grandma bring the trash out of the house, and with his move he has impressed many online. Take a look at the wonderful act that surrounds the world today!

Source: klipland