Katelyn Ohashi’s championship gymnastics performance to a Michael Jackson medley demonstrates how Michael continues to inspire new generations to be


Katelyn Ohashi is superstar gymnast for UCLA. Her upbeat routines and perfect scores have been the talk of the gymnastics circuit all year long. Today, Katelyn is taking the floor at the 2018 PAC-12 Championships. She’s hoping for some good scores, but I think what happened next exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Just watch as she starts her routine to the classic tunes of Michael Jackson. Not only does she add dance into her difficult gymnastics routine, but she also adds some fun too. I love when she moonwalks and hits some of those signature Michael moves. Between all of those flips, twists and somersaults, Katelyn brings her own style into the routine and it’s absolutely amazing to watch.

With each move, I am more and more in awe of her talent and how she can pull of these seemingly impossible moves. Just when I think it can’t get any better, Katelyn does something else to make my jaw drop. This young woman has some serious talent. No wonder this routine has gone viral all over the internet!