Brother & sister take position on ice. Within moments, their unusual dance routine makes audience’s eyes pop


When we talk about creativity and talent, ice skating definitely tops the list as one of the most beautifully graceful sports to watch. The combination of both gymnastics and dancing draws the attention of a big audience who can’t wait to witness breathtaking performances by the figure skaters.

It’s very difficult for someone to stay upright on those tiny, thin blades, that’s why a lot of work, patience and practice are needed to be a good ice skater. Olympic-class ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr are already ones of the best. Their performance is a routine most wouldn’t dare take on.

The Scottish duo are in fact siblings, but they have exactly what to draw the attention of an entire audience. They’re popular for their free style dancing, Their “dance like nobody’s watching” routines could turn out to be a catastrophe, but these two are getting the help of a professional choreographer to  guarantee that every move will leave the audience awestruck.

The duo amazed once again the audience at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden. They melted the ice with a hot dance routine. The brother and sister were both wearing skirts, but John could get away with it because he was donning a traditional kilt. Their choice of costume and music are as Scottish as you can get, but there’s nothing conventional about their slick dance moves. It’s absolutely stunning!

Watch the video below to see this ice dance dream team give one of their best performances ever.

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