Excited Golden Retriever Surprises Veteran Mom at Airport and They Can’t Stop Crying Tears of Joy


Every day, you go out to work or do some other activities. When you get back, you get treated to the most awesome welcome anyone can ever dream of. That’s the cool part about having a dog as a pet. And it gets better!

Now, imagine you’ve been away for some time. All that while, you’ve really missed your pet. Needless to say, the strong bond you’ve built with your dog makes them miss you too. In fact, you might be surprised that your pet misses you more!

Take the case of this lady serving in the Army. When she got deployed, she had to leave her dog behind so she could go out and serve the country. Months went by without setting eyes on her dog. And then she came back!

This clip here features that moment when the owner and the dog finally meet and reunite at the airport. From the look of it, you can bet these two have missed each other more than a hungry dog that has missed food. I bet!

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