Man Reunites With Cat In Tearful Embrace After 7 Years Apart


A man named Robert had planned to move to Ohio, but delayed the departure by more than a year.

The reason was in the search for his cat, Chebon, who one day escaped from his home. This happened already seven years ago!

Recently, an Ohioan Gene spotted a cat on the road and transported to a shelter. They checked the microchip there and then found out the owner was Robert.

Robert soon agreed to visit the shelter – today 19-year-old cat Chebon was reunited with the owner again for the first time in seven years, and the moving scenes were filmed on camera at the shelter.

When Robert opened the box that contained his kitten Chebon, tears of happiness immediately poured in. The pet quickly climbed into Robert’s lap, and the touching scenes are sure to delight you as well. What stories does life write!

Source: KlipLand/The dodo