Giant whale suddenly pushes diver through water – Then she discovers it’s warning her of nearby danger


Nan Hauser, 63, is a whale biologist, she has been living her life with the passion of studying the magnificent sea creature.

One day, she went with her team to snorkel in the beautiful blue ocean, but she had no clue that day would be so different and her life would be saved from a hungry predator thanks to a whale friend.

Nan learnt not to panic when she is under the water, but when you’re in the middle of the ocean and your friends are above floating on boat, it can be extremely dangerous and rescue can be late. But Nan was lucky to have her friend come just in time.

Thankfully, Nan and her team were able to capture the amazing footage when she closely encounters a 50,000-pound humpback whale, but a weird movement from the giant creature made her realize that something wrong’s going on. The whale pushed her through the water with its head and mouth then tucked her under its pectoral fin. Not only this, but at a certain moment, the whale even lifted Nan out of the water so she can call for help. It turned out that a 15-foot-long tiger shark was swimming nearby, and Nan’s day could have ended up so bad if the whale didn’t act in such protective way.

This footage just shows how compassionate a giant creature can be towards other species. Few people know about the beauty that exists under the sea. The incident was filmed in Muri Beach, Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

Watch until the end when Nan was finally saved and what the whale did after the rescue. You’ll be totally amazed.

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