Puppy Left Outside School With The Saddest Note – Then A Kind Teacher Rushes in To Save Him


It was late in the evening in, the dark was approaching, children had gone home, and only one worker was left behind in one of the schools located at Detroit Michigan. As he was cleaning the buildings, a knock came, he walked slowly and opened the door. He saw a young boy running out of the school compound, but on the doorstep, he had left behind certain clipboard box and a note on it which read this way “sorry it didn’t have a home, and it was cold so we’re going go it back to you.

The note also read “please do not let it go. find it a new home thank you.”inside the box was a young puppy which looked a bit frightened The worker just called one of the teachers who was famous with her love for dogs.

She together with his son welcomed the puppy and even went ahead to name it Snowflake, but they didn’t last for long with the puppy as the teacher called Detroit pit crew dog rescue which is an organization that takes care of injured sick or homeless dogs in Detroit area.”she is so cute” Theresa Sumpter the founder and director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue said.

He went on to recommend the boy who brought in the dog to school but also regretted why he never met the boy. The director also said the boy was very caring such that he wanted Snowflake to have a better life or shelterThe boy had put a blanket in the box, there was also some dog food and sliced lunch meat for the puppy. snowflake was around 7 and half weeks old, he didn’t like to leave the box so the director for dog rescue just kept him in the box and even added an extra blanket to keep snowflake warm.

The director was wondering why did the boy had to take the puppy in school and not his home, she choose to keep snowflake just in the box in case someone passes by and complains of a lost puppy.she and her team will just keep the puppy in good and healthy condition.