Deaf Man Told To “Look Over There.” When He Does, You’ll Bawl Like A Baby


To promote their new video call center for people with hearing disabilities, Samsung Turkey put together a wonderfully touching moment for a young man who suffers from hearing loss.

They set up hidden cameras around the city to follow Muharrem and his sister as they took a walk. The man was pleasantly surprised to see strangers around him using sign language to communicate with him.

In the video, Muharrem leaves home with his sister, who was in on the surprise with the Samsung production team. They first run into a man who greets him using sign language. The deaf man is pleasantly surprised by the “coincidence.” Next, there’s a woman who accidentally bumps into him on the street. When he turns around, she apologizes in sign language. And things just get better from there…

It’s remarkable that such a simple idea turned out to be so emotional. This is just beautiful!

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