Man’s Demonstration Settles Argument To Never Use Master Locks Again


Do you ever use these locks? Though this brand is the most commonly used, yet it is surprisingly simple to pick one open. It is much more difficult to pick a lock through the key hole, and it takes more time. But as you will see in the video, there is a much faster way that someone would be able to pick your Master lock, and it doesn’t require any lock picking know-how.

He shows a normal number 3 lock, and demonstrates its working mechanism with the key. He shuts it tight again, and now watch how he starts to open it – you may have never guessed that applying just a little pressure on the lock could break it free.

Just a few taps with a hammer and it’s already becoming loose. Most of us use one of these at storage units or in for securing own backyard shed or garage. Maybe you will consider a more secure mechanism to secure your storage. Or perhaps you can use this trick if you happen to lose the key to your own lock!