She Walks Up to Meet This Adorable Baby Horse. Then Surprises Her with Something She Never Saw Coming


Some animals such as cats, bunnies, and dogs love to cuddle. However, nobody thinks a horse loves to cuddle too. It may appear strange but the video below proves it.

One horse owner was checking on her foal. She decided to say hello to the precious foal. The foal galloped up to the fence revealing her playful nature. She started playing with her owner as she tried to climb the fence.

The owner says she has been around many foals but has never seen one like this before. Besides being playful, she loves to cuddle too.

The owner walks up to the foal but she was not prepared for what followed. The foal crawled over her causing her to fall. She made herself comfortable in her owner’s arms. The owner pets her and the excited foal wags her tail.

It is one of the sweetest videos you will watch.

Watch the footage of the foal that loves to cuddle and let us know what you think in the comments section.