Shy Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Friends With This Kitty. Seconds Later


Simon Savelyev is a filmmaker who loves to own a nice pet, so he had a dog, Romy. Now, Romy was a nice dog, but she was a timid one. She hated spending time with other animals and she was scared of other dogs. Sometimes she was even scared of her own reflection in the mirror. Romy was a lonely dog, and that wasn’t a nice life for her.

So the owner decided to do something outrageously crazy, considering Romy’s detachment from other animals. One day, Simon came home with a cat, and that was the beginning of Romy’s best life.

At first, the animal was skeptical about this entire ‘thing’ about friendships with other animals, especially a cat, but little Ricky has her own way of making everyone love her, and we’ll never know what she did to Romy. In a short while, the two girls could be seen cuddling and striking up a smooth ‘conversation.’ Wow!

The two are now best friends, spending time gossiping on the couch and watching TV shows. You’ll love this. You’ve to SHARE!