Sick Abandoned Puppy Is Sad at Shelter – Then She Sees The Firefighter Who Saved Her from Abuse


In the video below, you are going to meet the puppy who was overjoyed upon meeting her rescuer.

Chunkie, the puppy, was more than happy to once again meet with Mike Thawley, a firefighter fat Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, California. It was Mike who had spotted the poor puppy tied in the rain. No one had come forward to say that the puppy was his/hers.

He took and cleaned her before taking her to Front Street Animal Shelter, where she was going to be given a better medical care. The team at the shelter immediately began curing her mange. They even dressed her with warm clothes so as to make sure her skin was protected.

The puppy was more than glad to be rescued from where she had been abandoned. She happened to have made good friends with Mike, and that she was missing him from the time he took her to the shelter.

The next day, Mike went back to the shelter so as to find how his friend was going on. What a memorable reunion between the two!

Mike ended up adopting the puppy. Just look at how much love Thawley family shared with Chunk…