They Stand In A Perfect Formation, But This Next Move Left Me Mesmerized…


Ahh, the world of competitive figure skating!

Have you ever noticed how much people love to hate on the unique sport, also known as ice dancing? However, once the Winter Olympics roll around,

people all over the world become glued to their TV screens.

That’s because, as cheesy as some of the outfits and song choices may be, there’s no denying that figure skating is an extremely challenging and impressive sport that leave us normal folks completely mesmerized. Just take this sweet little girl’s performance, for example. She really takes me back to my childhood days at the skating rink and makes winter feel so magical!

In the following clip, we see a group of Russian competitive synchronized skaters who will really make you say “Wow!” Even more so than when these absolutely incredible synchronized dancers from Japan hit the mat, their ability to stay perfectly in-sync is unbelievable.

Here we see the ice dancers stand in perfect formation and as Whitney Houston’s classic version of “I Will Always Love You” comes on and they start skating around the rink in perfect symmetry. From the way the skaters react at the end of the video, you can see that they already know that they’ve won.

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