Homeless Sick Dog Has Been Living Under Cars For 7 Months.. You Won’t Believe How He Looks Now


Some people have no much information about how pets actually live. For example, some of these people are yet to realize that these animals depend wholly on humans for feeding and care. They need love too. The story in this video is one to be taken very seriously, and it’s supposed to teach everyone about the upside of having a softer spot for these good creatures.

It’s the story of Aaron, a homeless dog that has been living under cars and survived only on rations at a child delivery center. Aaron only got feed when the workers were, but that was to change with the arrival of a special God-sent patient at the clinic.

The patient happened to be a lady with some information about Hope For Paws and their good job of saving homeless dogs, so she called them to come over and rescue the dog. The rest of the story is the loveliest you can imagine!

Lisa and Eldad came and rescued the dog. Watch the clip as they try to entice and make him relax so they can help him. They finally took him in and gave him the medical attention he needed. And guess what? Aaron is now adopted and living in a really lovely forever home!