Long Lost Dog Bursts Out In Joy After She Realizes The Man In Front Of Her Is Her Dad


It had been two long years since Pakita the dog had seen her family. In that time, she was rescued as a stray off the street and brought to Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge where they tried to find her a home, but she was overlooked by potential adopters because of her age and her sad demeanor.

But the rescue continued to post up pictures of her to social media and tell everyone how sweet she was, until 2 years later Pakita’s family saw a picture of her.

Pakita’s grandmother (the mother of her owner, Ariel Naveira) saw the photo and immediately told her son and Arca Animal that Pakita was their long lost dog. Pakita had escaped from home and they had been searching for her ever since.

Skeptical at first, Pakita is her normal withdrawn self. But as the man (Ariel) gestures to her, she tentatively approaches. And then? It’s as if she suddenly recognizes his scent and “boom”, her entire disposition changes. Her tail begins to wag furiously and Pakita is literally jumping for joy!

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below. Note it make take a few seconds for the video to load.
Finally reunited, Pakita and Ariel are both happy to be a family once again. Share this sweet reunion with your friends and family.