They Have To Say Goodbye To Their Baby Girl.. But What The Dog Did Will Make You Cry More..


Dogs are man’s best friend and for a good reason. What you may not know is that they were also baby Nora’s best friends. Nora was five months old when she suffered a massive stroke. The stroke also caused her to experience some brain damage. The doctors assured her parents, John and Mary that she was not going to make it. They therefore had to bid their beloved Nora goodbye. It was a painful moment for both parents. When every parent conceives, or at least most parents, all they want is to see their child grow up to be the best he or she can be. However, unlike cases where it is the parents who choose to abort, it does happen that natural causes can rob parents of their beloved child.

So when both John and Mary were tearful and waiting for the final breadth from their daughter, their two dogs were also by the side of their beloved daughter. The family’s Basset Hounds Gracie and Grumpy, watched over her, day and night, until she passed on. That was the most amazing thing the two had done for bay Nora and her parents. Wherever she is, she will appreciate the care and company she got from these two man’s best friends, or should I say, Nora’s best friends.

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